Our partners include leading companies from the legal, consultancy and academic worlds. The industry-wide respect afforded to each of our partners is testament to their continued and unrelenting work to foster relationships and enter new business realms. With the knowledge and skill of our partners to support us, we are able to provide our clients with the most relevant and up-to-date information, tailored exactly to their particular needs.

Please explore the business acumen and expertise of our partners through the links below.

Eurasia Partners Ltd

A trade and investment consulting company based in London, Eurasia Partners supports businesses in understanding, establishing themselves and finding partners in Eurasian markets. With their creative solutions to problems and their extensive experience and institutional memory they can support their clients in all of their business endeavours from the beginning to the end of the trade and investment process.


As one of the world’s largest and most successful professional services companies and a member of the Big Four group of auditors, KPMG is a global leader in its field with a revenue of more than $26 billion. Its three services lines of Audit, Advisory and Tax operate internationally, including countries in Central Asia and the Caspian.

Oxford International Centre

A global advisory firm established by a group of Oxford-based academics  and leading international experts with the aim of delivering unique strategic analysis to corporations, financial institutions, public sector organizations and high-net worth individuals. As a multinational team with vast experience in political and economic analysis, corporate strategy and country risks, we support our clients in making strategic and operational decisions in challenging market conditions and diverse political climates.

Oxford International Centre focuses on multinational and overseas projects requiring specialised knowledge of complex political, economic, cultural, and social settings and covers the following regions: Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Russia, Central Asia and the Caspian region.

Our core analytical competencies include:

• Bespoke insight into emerging markets
• Strategic solutions
• Policy drivers, political and legal environment
• Multidimensional analysis
• Evolving strategies of key stakeholders
• Scenarios & forecasting

Global Resources Partnership

Global Resources Partnership (“GRP”) is a UK-based energy, natural resources and investment advisory group focusing primarily on four main areas of business:

• Creating business growth, value and opportunities for companies and investors while at the same time  effectively mitigating risks;
• Fund-raising, both equity and debt, for major projects and M&A deals;
• Facilitating trading of major commodities between buyers and sellers;
• Providing first-hand strategic intelligence, due diligence, communications, negotiations and capacity development for companies, investors, governments and international organisations.

Together with its partners, GRP has expanded its regional business and is in the process of concluding several transactions in Africa, Central Asia, Turkey, Middle East and China. In addition to its competent in-house team, GRP also keeps under its umbrella a powerful network of experts, advisors and freelancers in energy, finance and natural resources. It enjoys the facilities of strategic partners in Paris, Brussels, Washington DC, Tokyo, Oslo, Beijing, Moscow, Astana, Baku, Geneva, Athens, Istanbul Dubai, Tehran, Erbil and Tripoli.